Sustainable Transport Policies

European Conference of Ministers of Transport

- Substantial progress has been made in improving the sustainability of transport in Europe in a number of areas and is reported in this paper. Nevertheless there remain important problems and challenges: - unsustainable rates of traffic growth, locally and in some cases at regional or international scales; - sometimes severe noise, severance and intimidation nuisances from traffic in built up areas; - persistent growth in emissions of greenhouse gases from road and air transport; - poor air quality in specific locations despite major improvements in vehicle emissions controls; - destruction and fragmentation of protected landscapes and habitats. - The European Conference of Ministers of Transport is working to improve policies and move towards solutions in many of these areas. This free brochure sets out a common approach to working towards sustainable transport systems endorsed by Ministers from ECMT’s Member and Associate countries at their Council meeting in Prague in May 2000. It is a summary of a number of detailed reports which are currently being prepared for publication.

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