Sharing Road Safety

Developing an International Framework for Crash Modification Functions

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Each year about 1.3 million people are killed and another 50 million people are injured on roads worldwide. These road crashes cost countries between 1 and 3 percent of their GDP. Many of these crashes can be prevented by effective countermeasures. This report helps identify the most effective safety countermeasures.

Policy makers need to justify expenditure on road safety in terms of effectiveness, competing for the scarce resources available. The risk of making poor decisions and the cost of making better decisions can be reduced by the use of reliable studies on how effective safety measures are, based on Crash Modification Functions (CMFs). This report shows that there is a prospect for significant advances and major cost savings through the transfer of results internationally, allowing for more rapid adoption and dissemination of new life-saving safety measures.

The report serves as a guide to how research results can be shared internationally. It provides checklist for systematic review of road safety studies and a framework for standardising methodology.

The report targets the road safety research community but will also find an audience among policy makers at all levels of government. The report highlights the value of Crash Modification Functions and the importance of ensuring practicioners use the best CMFs available.

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International Transport Forum

This report has highlighted the complex nature of decision making for sound investments in road safety. Among other items, crash modification factors or functions (CMFs) that relate safety effectiveness to interventions and are transferable from one situation to another are a valuable tool in spreading effective safety policies. CMFs are fundamental to identifying the most effective road safety countermeasures and for conducting economic analysis of safety policies. Demand for CMFs is growing in many jurisdictions as policy makers increase their requirements to demonstrate results and undertake cost-benefit and efficiency assessments and as managers seek to ensure they are making the best possible decisions for safety in their projects.


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