Road Safety Annual Report 2018

image of Road Safety Annual Report 2018

The IRTAD Road Safety Annual Report 2018 provides an overview of road safety performance for 32 countries. The report outlines the most recent road safety developments across IRTAD countries and comparative data for the main road safety indicators. It also offers detailed analysis by road user, age group and type of road. It describes the crash data collection process in IRTAD countries, the road safety strategies and targets in place and information on recent trends in speeding, drink-driving and other aspects of road user behaviour.



In 2017, 253 people lost their lives in traffic crashes in Sweden. This represents a 6.3% decline compared to 2016 and the lowest level in road deaths since systematic record began. The mortality rate is 2.5 deaths per 100 000 population, ranking Sweden 2nd among the 32 IRTAD countries with validated data. Still, not enough progress has been made to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries since 2010 and a relative stagnation is being observed. It will be difficult to reach the 2020 target of fewer than 220 road deaths if no measures beyond those already planned are implemented. In 2016, a renewed commitment to Vision Zero was adopted with new measures being implemented.


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