Report on the Current State of Combined Transport in Europe

European Conference of Ministers of Transport

This report on the current state of combined transport in Europe begins with an overview of combined transport in 30 European countries of the ECMT. It deals with both Central and Eastern European Countries that have recently become Members and the long-standing Member countries for which the most recent developments have been highlighted through the updating of a 1992 study on the improvements of main international piggyback links.

The scope of the study, beyond road and rail, has been extended to include inland waterways and short-sea shipping, thus permitting a better evaluation of the current weaknesses of the sector and the possible improvements.

On the basis of this report, the Council of Ministers of the ECMT has adopted a series of recommendations directed at all parties concerned in the public and private sectors, at both national and international level, regarding certain elements which are needed to achieve a significant improvement in combined transport and to ensure the sustainable development of the latter. These recommendations are also included in this publication.

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