Port Investment and Container Shipping Markets

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Large-scale port projects have irreversible effects on land use and multiple impacts on the local economy and local community. They affect the way that the regional and national economy operates as a whole, with major impacts on regional transport systems. Port planners make better decisions when these broad impacts are examined as part of the development of a national freight transport and logistics strategy. Private investment in port terminals is also facilitated by the certainty engendered by development of a national freight transport and logistics strategy.

This report examines the issues that need to be considered before the decision to proceed to costly expansions with long-life spans and a structural influence on the local and national economy. The report benefits from a case study of Chile, where plans for a major expansion of port capacity in the central part of the country are well advanced. Chile provides the detail for an examination of factors critical to decisions on container port investments anywhere: demand forecasts, change in liner shipping markets, hinterland transport capacity, competition between container terminals, and the framework for financing of investment.

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Liner shipping markets, networks and strategies

International Transport Forum

This paper analyses the evolution of liner shipping networks on the West Coast of South America (WCSA) and evaluates their impact on future port system development. The work describes the interrelationship between changes in scale and structure of trade and liner shipping network structures. Particular emphasis is given on ship size development, the emergence of refrigerated container trade and the evolution of market structure in the WCSA. Chile and the WCSA region more generally, face the challenges of market concentration, further evolution of liner shipping networks towards hierarchical networks driven by hub-and-spoke operations and the cascading effects of vessel redeployment. The paper underscores the necessity for institutional and private sector actors to act together and proceed based on integrated visions and strategies in order to achieve successful port development.

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