Oil Dependence

Is Transport Running Out of Affordable Fuel?

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Oil consumption is increasingly concentrated in transport and relatively limited fluctuations in transport demand can have increasingly significant effects on oil prices. This Round Table assesses the policy instruments available to address oil security and climate change and examines their interaction with measures to manage congestion and mitigate local air pollution. A number of incompatibilities and trade-offs are identified underlining the importance of integrated policy making. The report includes an examination of the factors that drive oil prices in the short and long term and a discussion of the outlook for oil supply.

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Peak Oil and the Evolving Strategies of Oil Importing and Exporting Countries

International Transport Forum

Statistical trends for oil intensity from individual countries and groups of countries show that an average increase in GDP of 3% per annum equates to a projected demand for liquids of 101 million barrels per day (Mbpd) by the year 2030. The following analysis shows that this demand cannot be fulfilled by production from current reserves and expected new discoveries.

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