New Trends in Logistics in Europe

Report of the One-Hundred and Fourth Round Table on Transport Economics Held in Paris on 3-4 October 1996

European Conference of Ministers of Transport

Logistics is an issue of major importance not only to companies but also to regions and governments. Complex systems, based on the latest advances in information technology, are now beginning to appear at the interface between transport flow generation and the corresponding aspects of industrial organisation. In response to the globalisation of trade, firms are increasingly tailoring their in-house logistics structures and associated transport operations to meet their own specific needs. The environment is also becoming a key factor in policy decisions. In view of these developments, how will logistics systems evolve in the future? Is the current trend in logistics systems towards greater polarisation or wider dispersion? What role will individual modes of transport play in these systems?

Round Table 104 brought together leading European experts on transport and logistics to answer these fundamental questions. This report describes current thinking on anticipated trends in logistics systems.

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