Major Transport Infrastructure Projects and Economic Development

image of Major Transport Infrastructure Projects and Economic Development

This report discusses the state of the art in understanding the economic effects of major transport infrastructure projects. It examines the limits of socio-economic cost-benefit analysis (CBA) and reviews the development of complementary and alternative approaches to assessing the benefits of investment in large, transformative projects. In particular, his report focuses on practical appraisal tools developed for assessment of the Grand Paris super-metro and London’s Crossrail project.



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The Grand Paris Project: Tools and Challenges

International Transport Forum

A number of reflections are set out on the formulation of issues relating to the challenges and costs of security policies. This formulation process, as shown by a brief historical overview, varies significantly according to the persons or bodies expressing themselves (private individuals, insurers, businessmen, public authorities, etc.).

Likewise, the recognition today that security must be treated as a public good, an issue on which diverging interests clash, calls for a differentiated analysis of modes of formulating preferences and the way such modes are articulated.

The report shows how economic analysis proposes new approaches and new issues with which to discuss the aggregation of the perception of infrequent events with severe consequences.

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