Long-life Surfacings for Roads

Field Test Results

image of Long-life Surfacings for Roads

This report is the third and final output of a ten-year international research project studying the costs and viability of long-life road pavement surfacings. It describes the results of tests conducted with epoxy asphalt and high performance cementitious materials (HPCM) on real road sections in France, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The project was initiated to address a growing problem for road administrations and road users: frequent closures of roadways for repairs and repaving as a result of surface pavements that have improved but still barely kept up with increased loads and traffic density.



Increasing the longevity of wearing courses

International Transport Forum

This chapter summarises the results of the two first phases of the project: the study on the economic viability of long-life wearing courses and the laboratory testing of candidate materials for long-life surfacing. It presents the objectives of the third and final phase of the project: the full scale field tests of two candidate materials (epoxy asphalt and high performance cementitious material).


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