ITF Transport Outlook 2015

image of ITF Transport Outlook 2015

The ITF Transport Outlook examines the development of global transport volumes and related CO2 emissions and health impacts through to 2050. It examines factors that can affect supply and demand for transport services and focuses on scenarios illustrating potential upper and lower pathways, discussing their relevance to policy making.

This edition presents an overview of long-run scenarios for the development of global passenger and freight transport volumes, with emphasis on changes in global trade flows and the consequences of rapid urbanisation. It focuses on the characteristics of mobility development in developing countries, from Latin America to Chinese and Indian cities, highlighting the importance of urban mobility policies for the achievement of national and global sustainability goals.



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International freight and CO2 emissions to 2050

International Transport Forum

This chapter presents results from the ITF’s international freight model with projections for international freight flows and related CO2 emissions for 25 regions and 20 product groups up to 2050. Results are also presented for alternative trade liberalisation scenarios between 2010 and 2050. The importance of domestic transport linked to international freight is highlighted. The chapter then discusses shipping emissions in ports and finally provides several policy conclusions for the supply chains of the future.

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