Highlights of the International Transport Forum 2010

Transport and Innovation: Unleashing the Potential

International Transport Forum

The International Transport Forum 2010, entitled “Transport and Innovation: Unleashing the Potential”, took a close look at the role of innovation in shaping transport systems of the future. It highlighted the crucial importance of innovation in the transport sector for our common future in a globalised world.

Through continual innovation, the mobility sector has met the increasing volume demands of a transport-intensive globalised economy while achieving better quality of service. But the sector and those who rely on it face extraordinary challenges. Transport needs to be versatile to respond to the evolving economic and societal context. Demographic changes, notably ageing and fast growth in emerging economies, are shaping future demand for mobility solutions.

The structure of global economic development is changing rapidly, and this is having a major impact on transport needs. The environmental impact must be reduced. Congestion needs to be managed better. And safety cannot be compromised.

These challenges are often global in scope, and the responses must be as well. Close collaboration across borders and among all stakeholders is required. The International Transport Forum 2010 provided the platform to take this global dialogue forward.

This publication condenses the main findings of expert panels and round tables bringing together leading figures from politics, industry, research and civil society.

20 Oct 2010 88 pages English Also available in: French, German

https://doi.org/10.1787/itf_highlights-2010-en 9789282102886 (PDF)

Author(s): International Transport Forum