Effective Transport Policies for Corporate Mobility Management

image of Effective Transport Policies for Corporate Mobility Management

Many companies and other large employers have put in place initiatives to address the traffic-related nuisances generated by their activities and, in particular, the traffic generated by their workers and customers. Such Corporate Mobility Management (CMM) initiatives are the focus of this report which investigates the success factors in individual best practice cases at the company level as well as the roles, if any, public authorities can play in facilitating the uptake of CMM. The report provides guidance to governments on effective strategies for addressing and mitigating the traffic generated by commuter and customer travel.

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Findings and Conclusions

International Transport Forum

This report has focussed on a selected number of case studies of government and private-sector initiatives in support of CMM. These few cases, while not exhaustive, certainly provide valuable insights into – and are representative of – the larger universe of CMM initiatives across the OECD/ECMT region. As such, their analysis can provide important lessons for public authorities seeking to facilitate, or large employers’ efforts to implement, corporate mobility management plans.

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