Economic Evaluation of Long-Life Pavements

Phase 1

image of Economic Evaluation of Long-Life Pavements

With maintenance costs accounting for a large proportion of road budgets, this report assesses the economic and technical feasibility of innovative wearing courses for long life road pavements. While having higher initial costs, such wearing courses have the potential to dramatically reduce recurrent road maintenance requirements and user costs and could also reduce overall costs significantly, under circumstances outlined in the report.

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Traditional Pavements for High-traffic Roads

Different pavement types have evolved in different countries to take account of prevailing climatic conditions, traffic levels, funding levels and management agencies. This chapter summarises typical existing traditional wearing courses that are constructed on highly trafficked roads. The purpose is twofold. First, the information will be used to carry out a comparative analysis between existing traditional wearing courses and new long-life wearing courses...

English Also available in: French

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