International Transport Forum Policy Papers

The ITF Transport Policy Papers provide evidence-based policy insights and recommendations. The series assembles reports from case-specific policy analyses carried out by the ITF on request of member countries, thematic reviews carried out in agreement with local institutions, studies completed in the context of the ITF Corporate Partnership Board, and other work focused on supporting policy decisions. The papers in this series will be of interest to policy makers, industry, researchers and transport experts.


Appraising Transformational Projects

The Case of the Grand Paris Express

This paper starts from the premise that the scope of the appraisal of transport projects should depend upon the presence (or absence) of various forms of market failure. It reviews the purposes and processes of transport appraisal before setting out a typology of market failures. Then it examines what distinguishes marginal, non-marginal and transformational projects in appraisal terms and what special challenges are created by transformational projects. The report then considers the methods available for the appraisal of such projects and the challenges faced.

English Also available in: French

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