Airports as Multimodal Interchange Nodes

image of Airports as Multimodal Interchange Nodes

This ECMT Round Table features four papers: The European Market for Airline Transportation and Multimodalism, The Role of Airports in the Transport Chain, Airport Systems and Connectivity, and Airports as Multimodal Interchange Nodes - The Example of London Heathrow. These papers discuss how the requirements of ensuring efficient land transport connectivity depend on the market structure of the airline industry and its impact on the airport network.

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The Role of Airports in the Transportation Chain

European Conference of Ministers of Transport

In recent years, economists have belatedly addressed the economics of airports. Previously, airports were somewhat neglected, as both a relatively minor part of government and a relatively unimportant part of the air transport journey. The public view of the glamour of air travel reflected on the airlines, management and flight crews alike, but not on airports. The heads of state airlines became national figures in the media as did their opponents in the private sector, from Sir Freddy Laker to Michael O'Leary of Ryanair, the author’s former student and chief executive of...

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