Airports as Multimodal Interchange Nodes

image of Airports as Multimodal Interchange Nodes

This ECMT Round Table features four papers: The European Market for Airline Transportation and Multimodalism, The Role of Airports in the Transport Chain, Airport Systems and Connectivity, and Airports as Multimodal Interchange Nodes - The Example of London Heathrow. These papers discuss how the requirements of ensuring efficient land transport connectivity depend on the market structure of the airline industry and its impact on the airport network.

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Airports as Mulitmodal Interchanges Nodes

The Example of London Heathrow

European Conference of Ministers of Transport

The purpose of this report is to identify the ways in which airports can provide, at the level of activity appropriate to their hinterland and by means of their ability to become integrated transport hubs, significant opportunities for further developing transport in their region. By establishing an Airport Surface Access Strategy, which is incorporated into the Local and Regional Transport Plans for the area, the surface access needs of the airport, and its role in transport, economic and social development, become part of the regional and local planning process.

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