Trading Up

Economic Perspectives on Development Issues in the Multilateral Trading System

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The prospect of further trade liberalisation sometimes attracts a noisy public discourse, particularly with respect to the possible implications for developing countries. This volume considers trade and development from an economic perspective, aiming to examine these emotive issues using empirical approaches and dispassionate analysis. What are the potential welfare impacts on developing countries from further liberalisation?  What economic adjustments would such liberalisation entail?  What policy options exist for developing countries seeking to seize on new market opportunities while responding to the associated structural challenges? Trading Up:  Economic Perspectives on Development Issues in the Multilateral Trading System delivers new insights from the latest OECD and World Bank research on these questions and related topics.

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Services as Outputs and Intermediate Inputs

The Impact of Liberalisation

The aim of this chapter is to (1) determine the magnitude of services barriers and (2) examine the flow-on effects of such barriers to the economy as a whole by (i) highlighting the costs imposed by inefficient services inputs to both services and non-services sectors and (ii) analysing whether and how the benefits of services trade reform are passed on to other sectors in the economy.


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