Trade Facilitation and the Global Economy

image of Trade Facilitation and the Global Economy

In a globalised world, where goods cross borders many times as intermediate and as final products, trade facilitation is essential to lowering overall trade costs and increasing economic welfare, in particular for developing and emerging economies. Facilitation efforts undertaken by various countries around the world also show that the benefits of such measures clearly compensate the costs and challenges posed by their implementation.


Border agency co-operation

Border agency co-operation is critical for increasing operational efficiency, facilitating legitimate trade and reducing traders’ costs at both the domestic and cross-border levels. Yet significant implementation challenges remain. This chapter explores progress to date on border agency co-operation, both domestically in terms of co-ordination among all agencies involved in the trade process at the border and across the border between agencies in neighbouring countries, whether in the form of logistics or procedural harmonisation, or integrated controls under a One-Stop Border Post. The chapter draws lessons from country experience and case studies to help identify for policy makers key challenges and factors for success.


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