2010 Monthly Statistics of International Trade, Volume 2010 Issue 3

image of Monthly Statistics of International Trade, Volume 2010 Issue 3

This reliable and up-to-date source of statistics on international trade of OECD countries provides a detailed insight into the most recent trends in trading patterns for OECD countries with the rest of the world. Data are broken down by economic groupings, by country and by region, and include seasonally adjusted series as well as calculated indicators. The series shown cover data for the last eight months, four quarters and two years available. This monthly publication is divided into four parts: Aggregate trade indicators, Volume and unit value indices, Trade by Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) sections and Trade of OECD Member countries by partner country.

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Trade by SITC Sections

This part provides data on each country's trade classified based on the sections of the Standard International Trade Classification (SITC). Data are available for almost all OECD member countries: 0. Food and live animals. 1. Beverages and tobacco. 2. Crude materials, inedible. 3. Mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials. 4. Animal and vegetable oils and fats. 5. Chemicals and realted products, n.e.s. 6. Manufactured goods classified chiefly by material. 7. Machinery and transport equipment. 8. Miscellaneous manufactured articles. 9. Commodities and transactions, n.e.c

English, French

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