Trade and Competitiveness in Argentina, Brazil and Chile

Not as Easy as A-B-C

image of Trade and Competitiveness in Argentina, Brazil and Chile

This book focuses on the role of exchange rate regimes, market imperfections and trade policy to support the strengthening and diversification of the tradable sector in Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Moreover, it analyses the agro-food sector, one of the pillars of the tradable sector in the region, and the role of foreign direct investment and competition policy. Overall it provides an integrated and original policy perspective on the factors underlying international competitiveness.



International Competitiveness of the A-B-C Agro-food Sector

The agro-food sector plays a key role in GDP, employment, and in particular, exports in Argentina, Brazil and Chile (A-B-C). The three countries still have a large potential to expand both volumes and the product range by increasing land and labour productivity, and by converting large amounts of permanent pasture into arable cropland (except Chile). Moreover, large unexploited opportunities (in particular in Argentina and Brazil) exist to shift to higher-value products and differentiated primary products, but international (high tariff peaks and non-tariff barriers of OECD countries) and domestic constraints need to be addressed. With regard to the latter, framework conditions could be improved, in part to attract more FDI. Private initiatives for the development of new products and markets could also be better ...


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