Regional Integration in the Union for the Mediterranean

Progress Report

image of Regional Integration in the Union for the Mediterranean

Regional Integration in the Union for the Mediterranean: Progress Report monitors major trends and evolutions of integration in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The Report examines five domains of regional integration, namely trade integration, financial integration, infrastructure integration, movement of people, as well as research and higher education. It presents an original analysis of the patterns and challenges of integration in the Euro-Mediterranean region, which highlights the interdependence of the areas examined – e.g. how to increase regional trade without affordable transport connectivity? The Report offers new insights, based on specific quantitative and qualitative performance indicators that are monitored over time. Almost 100 graphs and tables in the report cover data for the 42 member countries of the Union for the Mediterranean and, when relevant, for partners of the region. The Report includes key takeaways and policy recommendations on how to foster regional integration in each of the five domains.

English Also available in: Arabic, French


This chapter studies the dynamics of trade integration in the Euro-Mediterranean region since the launch of the Barcelona Process in 1995. It  analyses the evolution of trade flows within the region and with the rest of the world, focusing on patterns at the sub-regional level to observe progress of trade integration besides trade between EU and non-EU countries. The chapter considers key dimensions of integration, from the regulatory approach to participation in regional value chains to the composition of export flows. The final section presents a set of policy recommendations to support further trade integration in the region, oriented towards more competitive, diversified and resilient economies.

English Also available in: French


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