Looking Beyond Tariffs

The Role of Non-Tariff Barriers in World Trade

image of Looking Beyond Tariffs

The studies in this volume review concerns that exporters and governments have raised about market access. This publication analyses where and why certain non-tariff measures are being applied to traded goods that are covered by multilateral rules and disciplines, and how they continue to represent challenges for exporters and policy makers. The specific measures examined are prohibitions and quotas, non-automatic import licensing schemes, customs fees and charges and export restrictions. By drawing together available recent data and other information, this volume expands the knowledge base of policy makers, negotiators and anyone interested in learning about the use of these measures across countries, applicable international trade rules and remaining market access issues.

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Executive Summary

Addressing measures that restrict or distort trade in non-agricultural goods has been a central element of successive rounds of GATT negotiations since the 1960s. As a result, some policies or measures have been abolished while the use of others has been regulated under international trade rules so that they cannot be abused. The growth of market integration made possible by these achievements is most readily apparent in the growth of trade relative to world income.

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