International Trade

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International trade affects the price and availability of practically everything we buy. It also plays a role in many other domains, including jobs, the environment and the fight against poverty. OECD Insights: International Trade argues that prosperity has rarely, if ever, been achieved or sustained without trade. Trade alone, however, is not enough. Policies targeting employment, education, health and other issues are also needed to promote well-being and tackle the challenges of a globalised economy.

"The OECD is a major source for insightful analyses of current trade issues. It also plays a role in disseminating skilfully the results of less accessible writings on trade. This short book is a valuable addition to the latter endeavour and should be on the shelf of policy makers." 

-Jagdish Bhagwati, Columbia University

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Growing Grapes in Scotland

Some features of the modern economy, including globalisation and financial crises, have existed for thousands of years. And debates about the best way to handle certain issues have been around for centuries. The same is true for international trade, and many of the analyses and concepts developed in the 18th and 19th centuries still form the basis for the work of today’s trade economists and policy makers. Knowledge of the basic history and ideas that shaped international trade and its study is an asset in any discussion about international economic relations.

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