2006 International Trade by Commodity Statistics, Volume 2006 Issue 5

Norway, Slovak Republic, OECD Total, NAFTA, OECD Asia and Pacific, OECD Europe, EU15-EXTRA

This reliable source of annual data provides data on the value in US dollars of international trade of OECD countries broken down by commodity and by partner country. Each of the first four volumes of International Trade by Commodity Statistics contains the tables for seven countries, published in the order in which they become available. The fifth volume includes the OECD main country groupings (OECD-Total, NAFTA, OECD-Asia and Pacific, OECD-Europe and EU15-EXTRA). Commodities are indicated according to the Standard International Trade Classification (SITC), Revision 3, Sections and Divisions (one- and two-digit levels). Each table presents imports and exports of a given commodity with about one hundred partner countries or country groupings (NAFTA, etc.) for the most recent six-year period available.

17 Mar 2008 558 pages English, French


Author(s): OECD