Environmental Requirements and Market Access

image of Environmental Requirements and Market Access

Investigating over twenty cases where exports from developing countries faced new environmental requirements, this OECD report examines how environmental requirements can be trade barriers for developing countries. These case studies, covering a diverse number of products and exporting countries, trace a number of environmental regulations, standards and labelling schemes, from conception through implementation. In so doing, they highlight the difference that sensitivity to potential trade effects can make when designing environmental regulations and standards. They also show that timely technical assistance has played a crucial role in helping exporters from developing countries adjust to new environmental requirements without suffering adverse trade effects.

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Limits on Formaldehyde in Textiles

This chapter examines the effects of regulations, first established by Japan some three decades ago, restricting the formaldehyde content in textiles. Similar restrictions have since been implemented in other developed countries. The study shows that developingcountry exporters are often unaware of such restrictions, a fact that may lead to denial of market access. Efforts now are being made to disseminate information about the regulations, notably in the Philippines.

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