Trade in services - EBOPS 2010 (Edition 2019)

This dataset aims to assemble and disseminate balance of payments data on trade in services at the most detailed partner-country and service-category level available. To the extent that countries report them, data are also broken down by type of service according to the EBOPS classification. These data concern international trade in services between residents and non-residents of countries and are reported within the framework of the sixth edition of the IMF's Balance of Payments Manual and the Extended Balance of Payments Services Classification (EBOPS2010), which is consistent with the balance of payments classification but is more detailed. Statistics by partner country and service category on international trade in services such as transportation, communication services, financial services, government services are recorded for Australia and Chile from 1999 onwards and shown in US dollars.


Keywords: statistics, exports, travel services, financial services, partner country, EBOPS, imports, maintenance services, balance of payments, business services, trade in services, service category, insurance services