The OECD's Project on Harmful Tax Practices

The 2001 Progress Report

This Report describes progress made in identifying and addressing harmful tax practices within and outside the OECD. In addition to reporting on the work done in connection with tax havens, it also discusses the work related to Member countries and non-Member economies. It is a follow-up to the June 2000 Report and responds to the 1998 Ministerial Mandate to address harmful tax competition (1998 Report).

In developing this Report, the OECD seeks to establish a framework within which all countries - large and small, rich and poor, OECD and non-OECD - can work together constructively to eliminate harmful tax practices with respect to highly mobile activities such as in the financial and service areas. The OECD seeks to encourage an environment in which free and fair tax competition can take place in order to assist in achieving its overall aims to foster economic growth and development world-wide.

18 Jan 2002 14 pages English Also available in: French 9789264033993 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD