Tax Policy Reforms 2017

OECD and Selected Partner Economies

image of Tax Policy Reforms 2017

This report is the second edition of Tax Policy Reforms: OECD and Selected Partner Economies, which is an annual publication that provides comparative information on tax reforms across countries and tracks tax policy developments over time.

This year’s report covers the tax reforms that were implemented, legislated or announced in 2016. Two non-OECD countries, Argentina and South Africa, have been included in this year’s edition, in an effort to progressively expand the scope of the publication to key partner economies. Monitoring tax policy reforms and understanding the context in which they were undertaken is crucial to informing tax policy discussions and to supporting governments in the assessment and design of tax reforms.



Macroeconomic background

This chapter gives an overview of the main macroeconomic trends from the end of the crisis until 2016. The purpose of this overview is to provide background information to help understand tax revenue trends as well as tax policy changes. Tax policy reforms are closely connected with economic trends: tax revenues are affected by changes in macroeconomic conditions and economic trends themselves are key drivers of tax reforms.


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