Tax Administration 3.0 and the Digital Identification of Taxpayers

Initial Findings

The 2020 report Tax Administration 3.0: The Digital Transformation of Tax Administration identified effective digital identity as one of the core building blocks for enabling seamless tax administration as it can help provide a secure connection between the systems of tax administrations and taxpayers. This report, Tax Administration 3.0 and the Digital Identification of Taxpayers: Initial Findings explores the current state of play on digital identity, the different domestic solutions adopted in a number of jurisdictions as well as the challenges related to cross-border processes. It also lays the groundwork for future collaborative work with business and other stakeholders in this area. This report was developed by officials from Australia, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Spain, Norway, the United States, and supported by the Secretariat for the Forum on Tax Administration.

28 Sept 2022 74 pages English

Author(s): OECD