Revenue Statistics in Asian Countries 2014

Trends in Indonesia and Malaysia

image of Revenue Statistics in Asian Countries 2014

This publication provides internationally comparable data on tax levels and tax structures for Indonesia and Malaysia. The model is the OECD Revenue Statistics database which is a fundamental reference, backed by a well-established methodology, for OECD member countries. By extending this OECD methodology to Asian countries, Revenue Statistics in Asian Countries enables meaningful cross-country comparisons about tax levels and structures not only between Asian economies, but also between them and their industrialised peers. Future editions will cover additional Asian countries.



Executive summary

Tax revenues as a proportion of national incomes in Indonesia and Malaysia are substantially lower than in Korea and Japan. In 2011 (the latest available year for all countries covered in the Report), the ratios in Indonesia and Malaysia ranged from 12-16% compared with 26-28% in the two countries that are OECD members. The OECD average was higher still at 34.1%.


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