OECD Tax Policy Reviews: Seychelles 2020

image of OECD Tax Policy Reviews: Seychelles 2020

This report is part of the OECD Tax Policy Reviews publication series. The Reviews are intended to provide independent, comprehensive and comparative assessments of OECD member and non-member countries’ tax systems as well as concrete recommendations for tax policy reform. By identifying tailored tax policy reform options, the objective of the Reviews is to enhance the design of existing tax policies and to support the adoption of new reforms. This report provides an assessment of Seychelles' tax system and recommendations for tax reform, with a focus on the business tax. Chapter 1 gives an overview of Seychelles' key economic and tax challenges. Chapter 2 provides a comprehensive assessment of Seychelles' business tax system and simulates the impact of different business tax reform scenarios, based on business taxpayer microdata. Chapter 3 focuses on improving the design of non-business taxes.


Broadening the business tax base and aligning tax rates across sectors

This chapter provides an in-depth assessment of Seychelles’ business tax system. It first assesses the current business tax system. It then examines the impact of alternative business tax reform scenarios, and uses the results from this simulation exercise to formulate tax reform recommendations. The chapter also assesses international corporate tax provisions, the taxation of sole traders and partnerships, and turnover taxes.


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