Building Tax Culture, Compliance and Citizenship

A Global Source Book on Taxpayer Education

image of Building Tax Culture, Compliance and Citizenship

Now more than ever, governments are striving to mobilise greater tax revenue domestically. To do so, they are increasingly reaching out to inform and engage today’s – and future – taxpayers. They aim to foster an overall “culture of compliance” based on rights and responsibilities, in which citizens see paying taxes as an integral aspect of their relationship with their government. Taxpayer education is the bridge linking tax administration and citizens and a key tool to transform tax culture. Covering innovative strategies in 28 countries, this publication offers ideas and inspiration for taxpayer education, literacy and outreach. It helps revenue authorities in developing countries to strengthen the tax morale and tax compliance of their citizens.

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Overview: A new era for taxpayer education

This chapter first introduces the concept of taxpayer education and how it can strengthen tax compliance and the state-citizen relationship. The second part summarises the wide range of ways that national tax administrations of developing countries use to explain how and why taxes should be paid. Finally, the chapter highlights the obstacles and challenges that taxpayer education programmes face and concludes with some avenues for future discussion.

English French, Spanish

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