West African Mobility and Migration Policies of OECD Countries

image of West African Mobility and Migration Policies of OECD Countries

This publication reviews migration policies in the main OECD countries receiving West African migrants and analyses the recent discussions within Europe. This report lists common approaches undertaken in Europe, Africa and West Africa and aims to shed light on decision makers’ strategic thinking. It provides the greater public with an objective understanding of this recent dynamic.

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Towards a Common EU Immigration and Asylum Policy

What are the Stakes for West Africa ?

Sahel and West Africa Club

Europe is sometimes defined as a land of immigration, despite itself. With the progress of the regional integration process since the 1950s,1 it has become a magnet. Immigration was initially considered a temporary phenomenon. Security considerations subsequently took precedence while such issues as the “need for labour” and “social inclusion” were given little attention. Yet the trend towards demographic decline and population ageing has made them relevant (Withol de Wenden 2007). The European approach has gradually become richer and more complex in both conceptual and institutional terms. While it nevertheless attempts to incorporate other domains such as relations with third countries, development aid and employment and integration, the security paradigm remains dominant.

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