Trends in International Migration 2003

image of Trends in International Migration 2003

This report analyses recent trends in migration movements and policies in all OECD member countries and in selected non-member countries and it includes a detailed description of the flows, the different channels of immigration and the diversity of nationalities involved.

The reader will also find in this publication a special chapter on the regional dimension of migration flows; a case study which analyses the international mobility of health professionals from and to South Africa and the associated risk of brain drain; detailed country notes on recent trends in migration flows and policies; and a statistical annex containing the latest data on foreign and foreign-born populations, foreign workers, migration flows and naturalisations.

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Main Trends in International Migration

The first part of the annual report Trends in International Migration contains three sections that describe the most salient facts observed in 2001-2002. The first section looks at changes in migration movements and in the foreign population in OECD member countries. The second section focuses on the status of immigrants in the labour market and the third provides an overview of migration policies. Despite the deterioration in the economic climate in some OECD countries, the ...

English Also available in: French

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