Towards an Integrated Health Information System in Korea

image of Towards an Integrated Health Information System in Korea

Twenty-first-century health systems will be built around data and information. An integrated health information system enables the secure flow of data to where they can be used to create information and knowledge to advance policy and health system objectives. This report describes the requirements and the benefits of an integrated health information system; outlines the current situation in Korea in the context of progress across OECD countries; and recommends policy and operational changes to overcome barriers to the efficient exchange and sharing of health data and establish an integrated health information system that supports continuous learning, improvement and innovation.


Appraising the Korean health data infrastructure and information system

This chapter examines the strengths of current arrangements in Korea regarding the establishment of a learning health system. These include the availability of national health datasets and their governance which is among the best in the OECD, a track record of successful health system reforms, the development of the Drug Utilisation Review system to provide “real-time” decision support and a strong and committed research community. The chapter discusses how Korea, with a learning health system, could develop better performance measurement and value‑based care. A learning health system will not develop in Korea, however, unless important obstacles to harmonising and sharing data are addressed. Obstacles discussed in this chapter include a lack of trust, social licence and incentives toward data sharing and collaboration, a lack of a framework for research access to data, incoherent EMR systems and a lack of patient-reported data, and laws and policies that block progress toward a learning health system.


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