The Future of International Migration to OECD Countries

image of The Future of International Migration to OECD Countries

This book explores the social, economic and environmental forces that may combine to attract migrants of various types and backgrounds to OECD countries, as well as those that may persuade migrants to leave their countries or to stay at home. By analysing different pull and push factors and constructing five different scenarios of migration in the future, this volume casts light on major determinants of global migration flows, which OECD countries will look particularly attractive for migrants, where the pressures to migrate be especially strong and what kind of migration-related issues will policy makers likely be facing as 2030 approaches.

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The Future of International Migration

Introduction and Overview

From end-2007 to end-2008 the OECD International Futures Programme conducted a project on “The Future of International Migration to OECD Countries”. The project comprised a series of preparatory meetings and workshops with interested stakeholders from government, international organisations, business, foundations and the research community (see Annex A). It generated a rich set of papers which explored the factors driving international migration to 2030, both from an OECD country perspective and from a developing and emerging economy viewpoint, and which was supplemented by contributions from academic experts focussing on developments in the main non-OECD regions.

This opening chapter provides an overview of this extensive body of work, summarising the main findings of the project and offering regional insights from papers which, for reasons of space, could not be published separately in this volume.

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