Society at a Glance 2011

OECD Social Indicators

image of Society at a Glance 2011

This sixth edition of Society at a Glance, OECD's biennial overview of social indicators,  updates some indicators from previous volumes and introduces several new ones. It also features a special chapter on unpaid work. It includes data on the four newest OECD members: Chile, Estonia, Israel and Slovenia. Where available, data on major emerging economies Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa are also included.

English Also available in: Korean, French


Interpreting OECD Social Indicators

Society at a Glance 2011 provides a broad picture of social outcomes and social responses across the OECD. It informs responses to two questions:

  • Compared with their own past and with other OECD countries, what progress have countries made in their social development?
  • How effective have been the actions of societies in furthering social development?

Assessing societal progress requires indicators covering a range of social outcomes across countries and time, for example in material well-being, education and health, as well in terms of social interactions.

English Also available in: French

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