Society at a Glance 2005

OECD Social Indicators

image of Society at a Glance 2005

Society at a Glance is OECD's biannual compendium of indicators showing the extent to which OECD countries are becoming more equal, more healthy, and more cohesive.  Covering such topics as self-sufficiency (employment, working mothers, unemployment benefits, educational attainment), equity (poverty, income inequality, social spending), health (life expectancy, mortality, health care expenditure), and cohesion (social isolation, teenage births, drug use, suicides), this book provides a statistical snapshot of social wellbeing in OECD countries, and allows users to analyze interlinked social issues in the context of a more complete representation of a country's social characteristics. 

By linking social status and social response indicators across a broad range of policy areas, Society at a Glance helps readers to identify whether and how the broad thrust of social policies and societal actions are addressing key policy issues.  This book includes StatLinks to spreadsheets of underlying data on the internet.

English Also available in: French, Korean

General Context Indicators

National income per capita / Age-dependency ratios / Fertility rates / Foreigners and foreign-born population / Marriage and divorce

English Also available in: French

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