Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Europe 2016

image of Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Europe 2016

The OECD series Recruiting Immigrant Workers comprises country studies of labour migration policies. Each volume analyses whether migration policy is being used effectively and efficiently to help meet labour needs, without adverse effects on labour markets. It focuses mainly on regulated labour migration movements over which policy has immediate and direct oversight. This particular volume looks at the efficiency of European Union instruments for managing labour migration.



What have EU labour migration Directives changed and how can they be improved?

A number of EU Directives governing labour migration have been transposed in the past ten years. Transposition has not been identical in all Member States and the differences have led to a piecemeal approach to policy reflected in national regulations. Nonetheless, the Directives transposed so far have created a foundation for European labour migration policy. This chapter examines how they have changed legislation in EU Member States, how they have brought added value, and how they can be improved. It looks at the labour migration Directives that have been transposed, examining how they have changed the rules for the governance of migration in individual Member States and the extent to which they have produced a better harmonised labour migration policy. The chapter concludes with a discussion of what measures and modifications could help the Directives achieve their general and specific goals.


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