Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Europe 2016

image of Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Europe 2016

The OECD series Recruiting Immigrant Workers comprises country studies of labour migration policies. Each volume analyses whether migration policy is being used effectively and efficiently to help meet labour needs, without adverse effects on labour markets. It focuses mainly on regulated labour migration movements over which policy has immediate and direct oversight. This particular volume looks at the efficiency of European Union instruments for managing labour migration.



Foreword and acknowledgements

At a time when the attention of policy makers and public opinion is so focused on the humanitarian refugee crisis, it might appear odd to consider issues of legal migration. The urgency of the humanitarian crisis faced by Europe and the need for a common, bold and comprehensive response from Member States do not, however, diminish the importance of addressing the challenges related to the management of legal labour migration in Europe. This Review of Labour Migration Policy in Europe seeks to contribute to thinking on one of the current Commission’s priorities – namely, how best to manage labour migration in the context of population ageing and the global competition for skills.


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