Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Austria 2014

image of Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Austria 2014

Austria has low levels of labour migration from non-EU/EFTA countries. At the same time, intra-EU free mobility has grown significantly and since 2011, overall migration for employment is above the OECD average. It recently reformed its labour migration system, making it more ready to accept labour migrants where they are needed, especially in medium-skilled occupations in which there were limited admission possibilities previously. This publication analyses the reform and the Austrian labour migration management system in international comparison.


Matching demand and supply

Austria as a destination for labour migration

Austria is a country with favourable labour market conditions and high quality of living. However, it does not appear to be on the radar screen as a destination country among potential labour migrants abroad. Employers seem reluctant to consider recruiting from abroad. Compared with other OECD countries, there have also been relatively few, mainly small-scale and largely un-coordinated efforts to promote Austria as a destination for labour migrants, although there have been some improvements recently. To better tap into the potential of labour migration, a comprehensive approach is advisable. This should encompass the marketing of the RWR-Card into a broader branding strategy, making opportunities for labour migration to Austria better known to employers and applicants alike. Ideally, the social partners should be systematically involved in the process.


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