OECD Reviews of Pension Systems: Ireland

image of OECD Reviews of Pension Systems: Ireland

This report provides an international perspective on Ireland’s retirement income provision for a focused review on the viability and long-term impact of proposed changes in pension policy, taking into account the impact of the economic downturn. It covers all components of the pension system: state, private personal and occupational plans and schemes for public-sector employees.



Future challenges for the Irish pension system: Adequacy, sustainability, modernity and equity

Like nearly all other OECD countries, Ireland is facing the twin challenge of ensuring both the adequacy and financial sustainability of its pension system. Moreover, pension arrangements need to comply with the requirements of modernity, which means they need to be able to adapt flexibly to demographic and labour market changes. Finally, equity of the pension system (within and between generations, between different jobs, individuals and sector) is another major challenge of pension systems.Moving on from the definition of the terms underlying the different challenges, the chapter assesses how the pension system performs with respect to each of them.




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