OECD Reviews of Health Systems: Switzerland 2011

image of OECD Reviews of Health Systems: Switzerland 2011

Five years after the first Review of Switzerland’s health system, the OECD and the World Organization combined their expertise again to report on progress and implementation of health reforms in the Swiss health system. In addition to taking stock of the good overall performance of the Swiss health system, the two organizations propose concrete ways to help the system be more efficient and prepare for the future health needs of the Swiss population. The report focuses on three important issues: health insurance markets, health workforce planning and management and governance of the health system.

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Key Features of the Swiss Health System

This chapter describes key features of Switzerland’s health system. With a small and ageing population, Switzerland enjoys some of the best health outcomes amongst OECD countries, albeit at greater cost than most others. Health care is a major contributor to the Swiss economy. The central feature of the Swiss health system is its mandatory health insurance, provided through regulated competition between insurers. Mandatory health insurance supports Swiss citizens for the full spectrum of their basic health needs, from ambulatory care through to hospital care. Cantons play a significant role in financing, organising and delivering health care services.

English Also available in: French

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