OECD Reviews of Health Systems: Switzerland 2006

image of OECD Reviews of Health Systems: Switzerland 2006

The Swiss population enjoys good health and universal access to a comprehensive range of modern health services, but policy makers are faced with considerable policy challenges, particularly to contain fast-growing health spending and improve value for money. This book analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the Swiss health system. It weighs them against the key policy objectives of health-system effectiveness and responsiveness, access to care and equitable financing, efficient supply of services, and financial sustainability. The report assesses new proposals for reform of the health system and provides policy recommendations to help address current and upcoming challenges facing the Swiss authorities.

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The Performance of the Swiss Health System

Efficiency and Financial Sustainability

This chapter first examines factors underlying the rapid increase in spending and possible future trends if current arrangements for supply, demand and governance remain unchanged. Section 4.1 also examines some of the reasons for the relatively high level of health spending in Switzerland. Identifying these factors may suggest areas where efficiency gains and improved value for money could be achieved (Section 4.2). These could help offset the impact of rising demand for health on the costs of the health system.

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