OECD Reviews of Health Systems: Peru 2017

image of OECD Reviews of Health Systems: Peru 2017

This is the OECD’s first Health System Review of Peru. It seeks to support Peru’s policy goal to attain universal health coverage by 2021, and build a high-performing health system with continuously improving accessibility, quality, efficiency and sustainability. Peru’s health care system is confronting a complex set of challenges. The population faces persistent rates of infectious diseases, alongside an increasingly heavy burden of non-communicable disease. Governance must simultaneously grapple with how to assure basic access – universal health coverage has still not been achieved, for instance – while prioritising efficiency and value for money, and improving care quality. This Health System Review of Peru makes a number of recommendations to strengthen performance of the health system, with a particular focus on the government-subidised health system – the Sistema Integral de Salud. Using examples of best practice drawn from OECD and Latin American health systems, the Review addresses how Peru can promote access to high quality care and achieve universal health coverage; take a more strategic approach to funding, budgeting, and purchasing; and become a data-driven health system that puts people at the centre.



Executive summary

There are many reasons to commend Peru on recent developments in the health system: greatly improved coverage of health care insurance over recent years; outcomes including life expectancy and infant and maternal mortality are improving; and patient views are better reflected. There is substantial room for improvement, however, and the country is now at a crucial time when priorities must be set out and a number of important decisions must be made. If Peru wishes to see its health system as a peer among OECD countries – in terms of outcomes, governance, quality, and information infrastructure – then multiple issues will need to be addressed.


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