OECD Reviews of Health Care Systems: Korea 2003

image of OECD Reviews of Health Care Systems: Korea 2003

How can the performance of the Korean health care system be improved? How have the July 2000 health sector reforms affected performance? This book investigates a set of policy challenges concerning the type of government interventions that are needed to promote health systems objectives in a mixed public-private context.

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Organisation of the Korean Health Care System

This chapter describes the main actors of the system (the population/ patients; the providers; and the “third party” insurers) and the relationships between them. First it illustrates how people pay for health services and insure themselves against the risk of ill health, and the relationship between the population and the third party payers which offer such protection (Section 1.1). Second, it describes how service provision is organised and the relationship between patients and providers (Section 1.2). Third, it explains the role of third party payers and how health funds are allocated from insurers to service providers (Section 1.3). Last, it reviews the role of government in the Korean health care sector (Section 1.4)...

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