OECD Reviews of Health Care Systems: Korea 2003

image of OECD Reviews of Health Care Systems: Korea 2003

How can the performance of the Korean health care system be improved? How have the July 2000 health sector reforms affected performance? This book investigates a set of policy challenges concerning the type of government interventions that are needed to promote health systems objectives in a mixed public-private context.

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Monetary and Real Flows in the Korean Health System

This chapter presents the flow of resources across the three key components of the Korean health care system described in Chapter 1.* The purpose is twofold. First, the health care system is described as an exchange and production  process. Monetary flows are exchanged against services, for example a combination of social health insurance expenditure, government expenditure and out-of-pocket payments are exchanged for inpatient and outpatient health care services, drugs, and, to a minor extent, population health services (Section 2.1). Payments for health care services represent the remuneration of the inputs necessary to produce the services (Section 2.2.1). These inputs, such as the medical workforce and hospital beds, are combined into a production process (Section 2.2.2). The health care system is committed to improving health outcomes (Section 3.1, Chapter 3) which, in part, derive from the quality and quantity of health care. Second, the chapter compiles evidence on variables that affect health system performance, such as mixes of inputs and outputs. This evidence will help in assessing the performance of the Korean health care system (Chapter 3), in understanding the opportunities and problems associated with recent reforms (Chapter 4) and in identifying key strengths and weaknesses of the system (Chapter 5)...

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