OECD Reviews of Health Care Systems: Korea 2003

image of OECD Reviews of Health Care Systems: Korea 2003

How can the performance of the Korean health care system be improved? How have the July 2000 health sector reforms affected performance? This book investigates a set of policy challenges concerning the type of government interventions that are needed to promote health systems objectives in a mixed public-private context.

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From Performance to Future Action What Ways Forward?

The Korean health care system has made remarkable progress over the last decades, but, as has been analysed in this report, some drawbacks of the system have emerged. This chapter will illustrate strengths and weaknesses, summarising issues raised in previous chapters. Current problems are in part linked to existing weaknesses. But new challenges can be anticipated to arise from the forecasts of key variables affecting the demand for health care, such as demographic changes, or affecting the supply, such as the adoption of technology and investment in medical capacity. Policy interventions will be needed to address key areas of concern...

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