OECD Reviews of Health Care Quality: Sweden 2013

image of OECD Reviews of Health Care Quality: Sweden 2013

This report reviews the quality of health care in Sweden. It begins by providing an overview of the range of policies and practices aimed at supporting quality of care in Sweden (Chapter 1). It then focuses on three key areas particularly relevant to elderly populations: strengthening primary care in Sweden (Chapter 2), better assurance for quality in long-term care (Chapter 3), and improving care after hip fracture and stroke (Chapter 4). In examining these areas, this report highlights best practices and provides recommendations to improve the quality of care in Sweden.


Long-term care in Sweden

The Swedish long-term care (LTC) system for frail and dependent old people is comprehensive in many respects. It offers good financial protection and covers a broad range of services; is mainly funded through public sources; and is staffed with a large number of care workers by OECD standards. Long-term care services are organised at local level, with municipalities purchasing care from both public and private providers, and many LTC recipients have the possibility of choosing across competing providers. There has been limited measurement, however, of the effectiveness and safety of care, and few mechanisms for guaranteeing standards of quality of the services of the type found in health care.


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