OECD Employment Outlook 2002

image of OECD Employment Outlook 2002

OECD's  annual assessment of labour market developments and prospects in the OECD area. This edition includes chapters on youth employment, women at work, temporary employment, long-term unemployment, and cross-market effects of product and labour policies. A Statistical Annex is provided.

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The Ins and Outs of Long-term Unemployment

Efforts to reduce the duration of unemployment spells should be a key element in strategies to reduce overall unemployment. There is some evidence that the long-term unemployed are relatively more likely to become very-long-term unemployed in some countries, while they are more likely to exit the labour force in others. In European countries, the shares of prime-aged males in long-term unemployment and in potentially-avoidable disability and early retirement appear to be similar.

A special analysis of longitudinal data for European countries is used here to examine the role of recurrent unemployment and explore alternative measures of long-term unemployment.

A second section examines issues of timing in the design of active labour market policies.

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